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 Meredith Hope Emerson: 'Trail Angel'

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Meredith Hope Emerson:  'Trail Angel' Empty
PostSubject: Meredith Hope Emerson: 'Trail Angel'   Meredith Hope Emerson:  'Trail Angel' EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 5:17 pm

The Mystery on Blood Mountain, Part 1
Aug. 27: Hiker Meredith Emerson goes missing on Georgia's Blood Mountain on New Year's Day 2008. Law enforcement officers become concerned after finding a police baton with some her possessions on a trail. Dateline NBC's Dennis Murphy reports. Dateline NBC
Good morning! For those of you who missed Friday night's 'Mystery on Blood Mountain' with Dennis Murphy, you can now watch the full episode online belo


In Memory of Meredith Emerson

Uploaded by khalick on Jan 20, 2008

'After I made the video montage dedicated to Steve and Meredith, Steve asked me to make a picture slideshow for him. He chose the pictures, song, and the parts of the poetry he wanted included, all I did was put it all together for him and I am honored to have done so'.(quote - khalick)

Note: Steve Segars: Gwinett Co., GA Firefighter/Paramedic, was Meredith 'Hope' Emerson's soulmate..

"Fare Thee Well"

Fare thee well my bright star
I watched your taillights blaze into nothingness
but you were long gone before I ever got to you before you blazed past this address
and now I think of having loved and having lost you never know what it's like to never love
who can say what's better and my heart's become the cost
a mere token of a brighter jewel sent from above

fare thee well my bright star
the vanity of youth the color of your eyes
maybe if I'd fanned the blazing fire of your day to day
or if I'd been older I'd been wise
too thick the heat of those long summer evenings
for a cool evening I began to yearn
but you could only feed upon the things which feed a fire
waiting to see if I would burn

fare thee well my bright star
it was a brief brilliant miracle dive
that which I looked up to and I clung to for dear life
had to burn itself up just to make itself alive
I caught you then in your moment of glory
your last dramatic scene against a night sky stage
with a memory so clear it's as if you're still before me
my once in a lifetime star of an age

so fare thee well my bright star
last night the tongues of fire circled me around
this strange season of pain will come to pass
when the healing hands of autumn cool me down

Look what I found: WSJennifer Pharr-Davis: 'Becoming Odyssa' - CBN TV - Video
Jennifer shares how her faith helped her set the unofficial record for fastest hike through the Appalachian Trail...
Jennifer Pharr Davis hiked the AT in honor of Meredith Hope Emerson and John & Irene Bryant in the summer of 2008, setting a new womens record for hiking the Appalacian Trail..
Now she has set an all time record. She is an amazing person, as was GMH's many innocent victims.


Mountain Crossings a hikers’ paradise
ShareThisPrint E-mail By Bo Emerson

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

For a guy whose job has him posted in the middle of nowhere, Winton Porter certainly draws a crowd.

Enlarge photo Jason Getz, A used hiker’s boot hangs in a tree along the Appalachian Trail that passes through Mountain Crossings at Walasi-Yi in Neels Gap near Blairsville. The hostel and outfitter’s store is a busy place this spring as hikers begin their Appalachian Trail adventure.

Enlarge photo Jason Getz, Mike Kaufman, 25, of Cleveland reads as he relaxes at the hostel. Many of those who wander out of the woods and into Mountain Crossings have nurtured a dream of walking from Georgia to Maine.

Enlarge photo Jason Getz, Don “Mom” Johnson, 73, of North Dakota, puts on his backpack as he makes his way to the Mountain Crossings hostel. There he can stake out a bunk at the 15-person, $15-a-night shelter next to the store.

Jason Getz, A sign displays the rules of the hostel.

Enlarge this map

Mountain Crossings
Southeastern National Parks
Winton Porter owns the Mountain Crossings outfitter and hostel at the Walasi-Yi Center on the Appalachian Trail near Blairsville, and, though he’s technically in the wilderness, there’s a lot of human wildlife on hand.

The Mountain Crossing Trading Post is only a few hundred yards from where Trail Angel Meredith Hope Emerson, was abducted on 01/01/2008

In a new memoir called “Just Passin’ Thru’: A Vintage Store, the Appalachian Trail and a Cast of Unforgettable Characters,” Porter writes about collecting what he calls the “wackos, heroes and friends” that have made that journey. It is this crew that makes Mountain Crossings the Algonquin Round Table of the hiking community.

Elegy tribute for Meredith Hope Emerson: Blood Mountain Hiker:

An Elegy by Winton Porter
January 2008

Out on the trail, when a comrade falls, a trail angel rises.
Meredith, whose kind and loving spirit was cruelly taken from all those who knew and loved her, has joined the ranks of trail angels.
She will forever be our guide.

Because trail angels dance along the path of peace and joy forever.
Because trail angels watch over those who merely want to walk forever.
Those who simply want to live.
Those who want to live simply.
And beautifully as Meredith did.
Merediths light once illuminated the path of hundreds of friends and family members as well as among the many, many she touched along the graceful trail of her life.
The light Meredith brought us has not been extinguished.
It has risen.
It now illuminates the path of millions
Across our nation.
Around the world.
And as her light rises, we come to know its source.
A source inextinguishable.
An inner source.
It came from Merediths compassion.
Her kindness.
Her love of outdoors.
Her love of animals.
It now fires our love.
Our compassion.
Our resolve to live better lives.
Kinder lives.
It warms us, consoles us, unites us here and now.
And as her light rises,
It ignites in us the good of our natures.
It reveals to us the beauty of these mountains.
It fires in us a renewed joy for living, for those around us, for the walks we share today.
Her light reminds us not to wait but to love while we still can.
Hush and truly listen.
Hear the drums?
Feel them on the wind?
Hear the human tales of triumph and sadness that echo through these vast and ancient mountains?
These are human tales, bouncing off the cliffs,
Reverberating among the high tree lines,
Following the deep gaps.
Filling our hearts.
Separateness is an illusion, my friends.
There is no me.
There is no you.
There is only We.
We of this earth.
We the one.
I am you.
You are me.
Together , we are bound by common experience:
Love. Life. Hope. Joy. Sorrow. Pain. Memory.
Meredith Emerson is you.
You are Meredith Emerson.
Follow her light.
It will guide you well.
Out on the trail, when a comrade falls, a trail angel rises…

CP by Wolfscratch

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PostSubject: Re: Meredith Hope Emerson: 'Trail Angel'   Meredith Hope Emerson:  'Trail Angel' EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 5:42 pm