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PostSubject: EXPRESS KIDNAPPER   EXPRESS KIDNAPPER EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 10:55 pm

"Gary Michael Hilton was able to get away with all the murders now
attributed to him because no one was tracking his crime pattern,
forcing victims to make ATM withdrawals. Once he had the PIN and
card, he had an incentive to commit murder. If the banking industry
wanted to stop these crimes, they would help by gettting a specific
crime code statute passed. They'd also give the police all over the
country the ATM addresses in every state so they could find and arrest
other murderers like Hilton. But they haven't. In fact, they've
blocked bills like House Bill 4155 that would help the police solve
these crimes. Spread the word, the police need this information or
they are blindfolded to what is going on. The only explanation I can
think of is that these laws would expose the extent of the problem and
that is not something the marketing department wants."


The second type is the express kidnapping. It is much more violent and complex. Serial killers Gary Michael Hilton, Bruce Mendenhall, John “The Grim Sleeper” Ewell and the “Town Center Mall Killer” all specialize in variations of this crime trend. A search on Google News for the key words “ATM” and “murder” shows an average of 5 murders per week where the victim’s ATM card was used by the suspect. Hopefully, the actual numbers are not much higher.

The typical express kidnapping does not begin at the ATM. The criminal looks for a victim in a secluded location where he can abduct the victim. The crime usually begins as a carjacking in a parking lot or as a home invasion. The victim is most often a female. (This means that children end up being taken as hostages as well since a woman who goes shopping will often bring her child with her.) The victim is taken to the ATM where the first withdrawal occurs. At this point, the criminal reaches a decision point. He can release the victim. He can hold her until after midnight when the daily withdrawal amount recycles and make another withdrawal. Or, he can take the victim to a remote location, execute her, hide the body and continue making withdrawals until the account is frozen or cleaned out. In the latter case, the last clue to the victim’s whereabouts is a series of ATM withdrawals leading out of the area. Based on news reports, the crimes which most often accompany a forced ATM withdrawal are: 1) robbery; 2) abduction; 3) illegal use of a debit/credit card + assault; 4) carjacking; 5) home invasion; 6) rape; 7)murder; and 8.) missing person-involuntary. There are two lesser patterns within the overall problem. The victims are women real estate agents and women with children. Women real estate agents meet clients in empty homes and are particularly vulnerable. Women with small children are targeted in parking lots. The attacker holds the victim’s child hostage in the vehicle and watches through the glass window of a grocery store or convenience store while the victim makes the withdrawal. According to one source, express kidnappings are a particular hazard of hotel/motel room invasions,
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