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 Dr. Greg Prichard

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I believe that Dr. Prichard hit a grand slam for the State today!

Rebuttal Witness
Dr. Greg Prichard
Clinical Psychologist in Florida

-been a witness for Mr. Friedman, the State, and the Court many times before.

$200 an hour to be an expert witness

Interviewed GMH
listened to Cleo Dabag's interview
listened to GBI interviews
interviewed GMH's second wife, Sue Edwards (1979)

Dr. Prichard disagrees with several of the other expert medical opinions already testified.
Disagrees with diagnosis of organic personality disorder because after head trauma there was not drastic change in personality.

Disagrees with schizoaffective disorder because of no extremely bizarre behavior that required hospitalization or enactment of Bakers Act. And no episodic illness
Since the Army psychiatric care, there has been NO psychiatric care since then in 40 years.

Agrees with antisocial personality disorder and psychopathic disorders.
If you are a psychopath you are also antisocial
If you are antisocial you aren't necessarily a psychopath

Psychopaths are extremely selfish and machiavellian (marked by cunning, duplicity, or bad faith)

Dr brought with him the medical notes on the psych. eval for GMH from his Army days with the psychiatrist from 1967

“undesirable character traits”
led him to being dismissed from his duties with special weapons group (Davy Crocket Platoon)

not capable of performing regular assignment duties

GMH told the doctor he was hearing voices and
that he had come into the services under false terms
did not tell them he shot his stepfather when he was 14
or that he had received psychiatric treatment.

No evidence of though disorder

he went AWOL for awhile, it said in notes

Army psychiatric doctor noted that GMH had
“immature personality”

Dr. P said
GMH has had multiple criminal arrests

Interview with Betty Edwards (Stone Mtn Park Official)
GMH's wife 1979
within 6 months of their marriage he convinced her to quit her job and work for him
she was a “runner” for him to pick up checks for $$ for a charity organization that did not exist. (scam)

her 9 year old daughter reported to her that GMH had touched her sexually
when she confronted him about it, he admitted it
she asked how could he do that to a child?
He also told her when the daughter got a little older they could all three have fun together sexually

Her son reported to her that GMH had pulled out his penis and asked the boy to touch it and he did.

Dr. P says
whatever psychopath wants they take
thinks it is okay

Multiple arrests for 1982 arson and
2004 aggravated assault for beating his dog because he was angry at a lady for calling police on him

GMH's statements about hunting since September 2007
and calling his victims “prey”
hunting prey on Blood Mtn because it is a good place to hunt
all show psychopathy

With Meredith he id'd her as a victim on the mountain.
Said he knew he was going to kill her when he kidnapped her
he said he could not let her go
he told the GBI she was “doomed from the start”

GBI interviewed him and he said he would tell them where her body was because her family would want to know.
This was AFTER he had been caught putting stuff in the dumpster in Chamblee and AFTER he had been witnessed putting stuff (her drivers license and bloody clothes) in dumpster at QT in Cumming
Then in Fl with CD, he only agreed if they gave him life, clearly showing he has no regard for the family.
Always needing self personal gain.

“Dr. Delcher got manipulated by a psychopath”

GMH said (regarding being in jail in Georgia)
“This is not as much confinement as it is a break from the world.”
Antisocial psychopath

“I already have life in Georgia, you can't give me anymore than that. It will cost 10 million dollars and take 4 years for the trial and then 15 more for the DP to happen. That's 19 years. My life expectancy is 7.1 years”

GMH was telling the LE and GBI all the mitigating factors to get him off

Did GMH know right from wrong?
Yes, he clearly knew right from wrong.

Did GMH know the criminal nature of his conduct?
Yes, because he covered up the evidence
He took their clothes off so no forensic fibers
and the most heinous of all is the removal of the head and bleaching the body of ME to cover it up

ATN cards- he wore a mask clearly proving he knew it was wrong because he doesn't want to get caught.

Could he have conformed his behavior to the confinements of the law?
Yes, he CHOSE not to.

He stated that if his picture were in the paper he would not have killed her.

He is a psychopath in my opinion!

No further questions.

Cross will be Monday at 10:15
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Dr. Greg Prichard
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